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Company name:        BELARIUM d.o.o.

Business address:     Uskoška ulica 32, Skoke

                                   2204  Miklavž na Dravskem polju


Legal organizational form:    Limited liability company

Tax number (VIES):     SI48811165

Registration number:     3579573000

Business register entry date:    09.07.2009


Basic data

Computer technology has penetrated every aspect of our life. This was made possible by transforming personal computers into personal computing experience. This means information we are using is stored and processed only on servers and personal computer clients. It is being spreader all over the place: embedded devices in almost every appliance, machine and vehicle, smartphones, tablets, you name it.

Experience vary greatly depending on device which we interact with and that made end of programming as we knew it.

Instead of focusing primarily on developing business logic having no obstacle in resources and other technology constraints, developing user interfaces as necessary evil, we had to change our whole perception of not only developing style and areas, but also about goals, priorities and functionalities both in terms of technology and content.

We at Belarium have embraced changes and have developed skills combined with innovation and creativity to deliver new age solutions for platforms that surround us and making our world digital.


 phone:    +386 (0)2 6296 100


Our mission

We believe there are too many solution ideas and too many ways to deliver them and use them. It is just not efficient for companies that create solutions to deal with many detailed aspects of interacting with them on different devices and platforms.

Here comes Belarium to deliver your ideas on very different platforms.

Our philosophy

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